Colorado’s Illustrious Governor and His Decrees

Well, Duh!

After being asked to contribute to the Adams County GOPs Straightalk blog, I found myself considering the numerous possibilities of items to talk about. These are strange times and the environment is target rich with the Lunatic Left running amuck. However, I just couldn’t pass up my first pass at this without talking about our illustrious Governor and his decree, err, edict, err, Executive Order (That’s it. With him, there seems to be no difference) D 2020 138 he issued on July 16th requiring masks be worn inside public places statewide.

Yes, this is old news. However, bear with me. The point here is to emphasize one of the items I detest about this Governor. His ability to talk down to you rather than to you. We are all his little children and we must do whatever he tells us to do. When queried about those who are tired of having their freedoms impinged, he simply shouts out, “Wear the damn masks.”

This is about the stupidity he uttered during his press conference regarding his reason for instituting the mandate.

Let’s backtrack. The order specifically says

“. . . This Executive Order amends and extends Executive Orders D 2020 039, D 2020 067, D 2020 092, and D 2020 110 to protect Coloradans by requiring individuals in Colorado to wear a non-medical face covering over their nose and mouth, subject to several exceptions. . . .”

Note: You are welcome to read the rest of the order at if need help going to sleep.

During his press conference on July 16th, he made this statement

“. . . It turns out that having this kind of ordinance in place does increase mask wearing fairly substantially. . . .”

followed by

“. . .There are two different surveys that were done by outside groups, one CDPHE, one outside group. Mask wearing in counties with no mask order, 67%. Pretty good, Colorado is pretty good. That’s one of the reasons we’re not a hotspot, we’re doing pretty good on mask wearing. But with the mask ordinance it went to 83%. The other study showed 49% going to 57%. Now the other piece of information I wanted to know is, okay, I want to make sure mask wearing ordinances don’t make people think everything is safe and they can forget about social distancing, that’s very, very important. Wearing a mask compliments social distancing. . . .”.

Note: For that reference, I cited The actual statement can be seen around the 17:52.

So, wait! You’re telling me that when people are REQUIRED to do something, they are more inclined to do it? Well, Duh! No kidding! What’s the point here. You’ve got it. There is none. He could have pointed to the efficacy of masks as the reason he was issuing the order. Whether or not you believe masks are effective, he still could have emphasized that as the reason for issuing the order. Instead, he opted to people to wear masks because it makes him feel good.

He says that 2/3 of Coloradoans are already wearing masks without a mandate. Which means that citizens across the political and philosophical spectrum are wearing masks WITHOUT being required to do so. I suspect that even includes some who don’t agree that masks are effective. He concludes the high voluntary rate is why Colorado is not a hotspot, but the point is buried, and not one carried by the media either. Additionally, he notes that this result is from a survey. Conducted by whom? CDHPE? Or the unnamed outside source? He never again refers to the other results.

It doesn’t matter. He got what he was really after, a sound bite that says mask mandates are effective. Let me repeat, “he got a soundbite that mask mandates are effective”. Not that masks are effective. Sadly, he even had KOA saying it. BTW, that’s where I first learned about the mandate.

But here’s the other thing that’s even more incredible. He goes on to discuss the importance of social distancing, washing hands, etc and that masks by, and of themselves, are not effective unless you do all of this other stuff. The media completely missed the mark on that point. Why!?! Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s difficult to enforce social distancing, washing hands, making sure to cover your cough, etc. That message is getting lost in the whole mask debate.

He states that he’s emphasized the importance of wearing masks in the past and that is a true statement. However, an unidentified member of the media asks the following question at 36:41 of the press conference:

“Governor, a week ago, we sat here and he [sic] said that a mask mandate was unenforceable. I wonder what makes you think that Coloradans would listen to this mask mandate now that you’ve said that you couldn’t enforce it? And also I wanted to ask if this is an inflection point now that we’re seeing these cases rise, if we should have done this earlier and maybe we were too overzealous us [sic] to loosen some restrictions?”

So, within a week he goes from saying that mask mandates can’t be enforced to saying they can. Summarizing his response to the question, he indicates that it can be enforced by businesses using trespassing laws. He says, “This creates a nexus to violating state laws around trespassing, which if somebody were to run into a store naked or without a mask, they are trespassing.” Umm! Not wearing a mask is equivalent to walking into a store naked? He goes on to threaten the licenses of businesses that don’t enforce mask wearing for their employees. So, we’re going to make businesses the cops to enforce his mandate. He’s making suppositions here that businesses will support his endeavor. He admits that he would need to get a buy in from businesses. However, he admits that he’s really relying on individuals to submit to the mandate on their own.

In the “Temple of Doom” installment of the Indiana Jones series, the personal representative to the Maharaja makes the statement that the “The British worry so about their empire. Makes us all feel like well cared for children.”

Thank you, Mr. Polis for once again, treating us as children and worrying about us so by stating the obvious. If we’re made to do something, we will. Don’t worry about all that other stuff, just do what I tell you to do.

Bill Leck/Brighton