I’ve Got the Power Bill Leck/Brighton, CO

So, a couple of days ago, I saw that His Majesty, King Gavin Newsom, the Dumb-hearted, declare via executive decree that he is going to require all new PRIVATE passenger cars to be zero emissions by 2035. Wait! What? He didn’t sign legitimately passed a legislative Act that made it a law (which would be bad enough). No! He just simply decreed it.

Now we all aware of how far the state of California has plowed to the left and the number of extremists, illegitimate green initiatives that State has wondered on to. So, why would he simply impose this regulation using the cane of executive power. Certainly, his complicit legislature would have happily passed that kind of legislation. Wouldn’t they? Perhaps they know something he doesn’t. Now, not being one who follows California politics, I can only speculate that despite all of the green zealots that occupy their state houses, why passage of this requirement was not a slam dunk and because it wasn’t, why not just mandate it.

What’s troubling with this isn’t just the fact that he used an executive order to mandate it, but that he is imposing his will on all future Governors and legislatures. Of course, a future Governor somewhere between now and 2035 could just as easily invalidate that order. However, how much damage to the State can occur until that happens.

Executive orders were intended to be used as administrative tools for the leader of a political entity to address the actions of its agencies and employees. It also provides a means for these political leaders to respond quickly to emergency situations.

So, under what provisions in their state’s constitution or laws gave him the power to issue this kind of executive order?

He’s not ordering the State’s fleets to be zero emission vehicles. That’s implied here, but it doesn’t stop at the state government. It certainly couldn’t be COVID. That has nothing to do with green cars. So, what could it be? Of course, we truly know what it is. It’s his lust for unlimited power. He’s going to hide that lust behind the mantel of Climate Change being a health crisis. Why not?!? It worked for COVID.

Here’s a Governor who as an unquenchable thirst for power hiding behind an imaginary and unsupportable claim of a health issue. Sound familiar Colorado. (Oh! And if you guessed Mr. Polis, I’ll give you half credit). The real culprit here is the former Governor (you know, the one who doesn’t believe he’d be a good Senator). Governor “Pass the Buck” Hickenlooper. Let’s not forget that he ordered California’s green goals as an executive mandate under the guise of a phony Climate Change public health hazard claim.

It’s power that these Democrat Governors lust after, not true discussions with intelligent legislative action. Then again, I can’t imagine California’s legislature is all that intelligent. Colorado’s certainly isn’t.
Bill Leck/Brighton, CO