Why open only one Sunday voting location?

September 30, 2020
Open letter to the Colorado Secretary of State and the Adams County Clerk and Recorder:

As the Adams County Republican Chairman, I am curious as to why Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State has decided to make voting more accessible by opening a location in north Aurora on a Sunday, November 1st. With more than 530,766 residents that would appreciate this additional time, it hardly seems reasonable.
The reasons listed by the Secretary of State in the September 24th announcement as to why Moorhead Recreation Center at 2390 Havana St. in north Aurora was selected include:
• Residents have demanding jobs
• Residents work inflexible hours
• Impact of Covid 19
• Disenfranchised Residents

The first three reasons impact those of us who remained employed, who have been able to go back to work, or are still unemployed due to Covid-19. The fourth reason reaches beyond north Aurora. There are many Adams County residents that feel that they are disenfranchised and have been for generations. This does not have anything to do with the pandemic. However, it is the reason Rosemary Lytle, State President of NAACP CO-MT-WY says this additional site and time is needed in north Aurora.

So why this only one location on this one date? Don’t we all meet the criteria used to determine that a Sunday voting date is needed throughout the county? Unless of course this is to give this predominantly Democrat area more opportunity to vote!

One more thing, Tom Stone, Chair of the Adams County Regional Economic Partnership, and I quote, “Citizens who capitalize on their right to vote and make their voice heard will determine the 2020 election outcome and the course of issues to the future of our state and local Adams County communities.” I could not agree more.

JoAnn Windholz, Chairman
Adams County Republicans